Room prices (Price discount)

Room prices

1. The price for room/additional bed includes: room, breakfast buffet, free parking on hotel grounds.
Additional guest bed: folding cot, crib/toddler bed

2. Payment for additional guests in the room:
Children under 3 stay for free, a crib is provided.
Breakfasts cost: free for children under 3, 3-6 years old – 200 rubles, 6 years and up – 400 rubles.

3. Prices are not valid for special holiday packages.

4. Romanov Les does not allow pets.

5. Room reservation is free. Reservations are valid for 7 days without advance payment. Advance payment – 30% of total cost of stay – must be made within 8 days after reservation.
When a reservation is canceled, refunds are as follows:
a) 30 days or more prior to arrival – 100% of the advance payment
b) 15-29 days – 50% of the advance payment
c) less than 14 days prior to arrival – advance payment cannot be refunded
d) advance payment for holiday packages or special offers – 100% for 7 days after reservation. In case of cancellation, advance payments cannot be refunded.
e) advance payment can be made in the Moscow office, at the hotel or through a cashless transaction

6. Payment must be made in rubles. The hotel accepts credit/debit cards.

7. Check-in – 3:00 pm. Check-out – 12:00 pm.

8. Extended stay in the room:
1-6 extra hours: 30% of the room price
6-12 extra hours: 50% of the room price
12+ extra hours: 100% of the room price
Daytime visitors (if additional to fixed number of guests per room/cottage) – 2000 rubles per day per adult (children under 12 visit for free).

9. Prices for long-term stays:
14 - 21 days – 10% discount
21 days - 31 days – 15% discount
31+ days – 20% discount

Special Offers

The ecohotel Romanov Les has special offers – such as holiday packages, valuable discounts, special accommodation conditions, gifts for birthday persons or newlyweds, as well as new types of recreation that will allow you and your loved ones to not only have a complete rest for the body and soul, but also to enjoy and benefit from your activity-packed stay.

With our special offers, you can extend your stay at the hotel while saving on the cost of your room! And the most loyal of our guest will receive bonuses!

Take advantage of our special offers and find this out for yourself!