The Russian Bathhouse (Banya)

A Russian bathhouse in the middle of a Russian forest – it’s hard to imagine something more enjoyable. We decided to approach this in a big way – and created a whole Russian bathhouse complex in the ecohotel Romanov Les. Here, every guest can indulge in this ancient Russian ceremony, with bunches of green birch or oak twigs. The ceremony has remained essentially unchanged in the last few centuries. Experienced bathhouse attendants strictly follow age-long traditions. All the infusions used to aromatize the steam are made from purely natural, herbal ingredients. While keeping the traditions in mind, however, we also took care of your comfort: the recreation room with a TV, telephone and karaoke is always there to the pleasure of our guests. After the steam room, you should definitely try our herbal tea made from thyme, linden, mint, St. John’s wort or chamomile. Perhaps, after you do, your idea of respite will change forever. Or at least the usual big-city fatigue will abandon your body and thoughts for a long time.

The bathhouses are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay and relaxation: a cozy steam room; a small pool; a shower; a recreation room with a fireplace and all the bathhouse accessories, an LCD TV, a hairdryer and a telephone.

The bathhouse complex includes three bathhouses and a grill bar – you can order anything from its menu and the order will be delivered straight to the bathhouse.

You can arrange a firewood-fueled session in the Russian bathhouse at any time that is most convenient for you!

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Charges for a Bathhouse with a Small pool

2 hours – 1-4 people – 2000 rubles