Outdoor Entertainment

Visiting Romanov Les with children is easy and pleasant. First of all, joint family strolls in the woods not only strengthen the immune system, but also practically serve as the best possible lesson in natural history. Secondly, if the adults want to spend some time alone, the child will definitely find something to do: our hotel has a Children’s Club that has different groups and classes for our youngest guests, based on their age. No guest of the Club will be bored. Games, contests, various outdoor activities – our teachers/entertainers are experts in what they are doing and will find an individual approach to each of our young guests.

We want the children to feel that we care, so we have a specially equipped mini sports complex and a water slide in the swimming pool. We also have a trampoline that not only makes a great impression on a child, but also does wonders in developing the vestibular apparatus and strengthening the cardiovascular system. The therapeutic effect of 15 minutes of jumping on the trampoline may well replace an hour of jogging.

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Moreover, our restaurant has a specially developed children’s menu. We made sure that all the items on the menu will not only appeal to the child, but will also be good for the young growing body. We tried to do everything in our power to make sure our young guests feel like big people who are taken seriously by the adults. And, believe us, they will appreciate it.