Contact Information

Reservations office in Moscow (10 am to 6 pm, Sunday-Monday):

+7 (499) 704 41 47

Office in Moscow:

Office Center, ul. Bolshie Kamencshiki, d. 1


Reservations office in Kostroma:

+7 (4942) 49 47 77 (from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, Sun.-Mon.)


Organizing corporate events

+7 (4942) 49 47 77


Advertising department:

+ 7 (903) 634 88 84 (mobile)


How to get here from Moscow?

By car

By car: leave Moscow on the Yaroslavl highway, following signs to Yaroslavl'. Note that when going through Pereslavl'-Zalesskiy, you should ignore the sign pointing to the detour around the town to Yaroslavl. Instead head through the town, always going straight. This will save you 20 km. Before reaching Yaroslavl, 800 meters after the 256 km marker, make a right turn following the sign towards Kostroma.
Follow the main road for 70km. Make a right turn after the 72 km marker at the sign to Ivanovo and Vladimir.
After this follow the white and blue signs for Ecohotel Romanov Les.
After 14km turn left towards Sukhonogovo and Romanov Les.
Follow this road for 16 km. The road has many curves, and it is important to keep to the main road and watch for the signs for Ecohotel Romanov Les.
The ecohotel Romanov Les will be on your right; the entrance is marked with a large green banner and a car gate next to a security booth. The security booth contains the guest list.

GPS device coordinates:
For Yandex maps or Yandex navigator: enter the GPS coordinates in the search field without any spaces, making sure to include all the commas and periods.

For Navitel: enter the GPS coordinates in the field "Найти" and "По координатам", including all of the special characters:
Lattitude: 57°32.398′
Longitude: 41°05.476'

Attention! Some GPS navigators will show you a route that differs from the one we describe above for instructions “by car”. We recommend that for the last few kilometers you follow the road signs for Romanov Les. It’s been noted that some GPS navigators don't show the exit towards Romanov Les on the 14th kilometer from Kostroma. After that exit, some GPS navigators try to shorten the trip by taking you onto gravel roads through the forest. Follow the main road! Every crossroads and road fork will have a sign for Romanov Les.

With any questions or trouble, call the hotel reception desk:

+7 (4942) 66 42 42 (24 hrs/7 days a week)
+7 (4942) 49 47 77 (9 am to 9 pm, Sunday-Monday)

By train from the Yaroslavl train station in Moscow:

Take the #148 train Moscow - Kostroma. Departs at 10:20 pm, arrives at 5:00.
Return trip from the Kostroma station: train #147 Kostroma - Moscow. Departs at 11:00 pm, arrives at 5:43 am
There are many other trains that pass through Kostroma. For details on those, click here. It is recommended that you buy tickets in advance.

By train from the Moscow train station in St. Petersburg:

Take the #045 train St. Petersburg - Kostroma. Train departs at 5:27 pm, arrives at 9:04 am.
Return trip from Kostroma train station on the Kostroma - St. Petersburg train. Departs at 6:30 pm, arrives at 11:22 am.
It is recommended you buy tickets in advance.

By taxi from Kostroma:

If you call in advance, we can arrange for a taxi to pick you up from the airport or train station. Please call the number below for details.

You can call the hotel’s reception service for transportation:

+7 (499) 704 41 47
+7 (4942) 49 47 77 (from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, Sun.-Mon.)

Download the Price List for transportation services (russian version)

We are looking forward to seeing you in the ecohotel Romanov Les!