We offer you dozens of different brands of beer from the best European and British breweries. The main delicacy of the grill bar is charcoal grilled dishes.

It’s hard to take your eyes off the moving forks of flame. And if there’s also a juicy slice of meat being roasted by that flame… Yes, this sight will not leave anyone unmoved.

According to historians, humans have been cooking on open fire for at least 40 thousand years. We respect traditions and try not to complicate such an ancient process – so we do not use gas, electricity or microwaves, only the natural firewood. Of course, in the grill bar, just like everywhere else on hotel grounds, we use only fresh, natural ingredients of the highest quality. By the way, in addition to classical dishes made from pork, veal and lamb, you can order fish – for example, salmon steaks. And, of course, nobody will mind if you come here with your own morning’s catch.

Where there’s a grill – there’s always a pilaf cauldron. You definitely should taste the pilaf we make here. Our chefs do a wonderful job of making a few different pilaf varieties – in full accordance with classical oriental recipes. The fresh air of the forest with a light aroma of firewood is the best seasoning for any meat dish, but it is the pilaf that turns out as a special delicacy when made on an open veranda.

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Bar hours:

Tuesday-Sunday: 3:00 pm – 3:00 am

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